Keeping our community safe + healthy is always our top priority.


At Om Factory, we consistently take precautions to create a safe + healthy training environment

We appreciate your continued support as we adapt to health requirements as they arise.

Not required.

At this time, vaccination is recommended but not required.

Increased Cleaning

We have added hospital-grade air purifiers, and increased time between class sessions to clean the studio.
Hammocks and silks are cleaned + sanitized frequently.

Masks are optional.

At this time, masks are optional for all those who enter the studio. 

Please Wash Hands

As a member of the Om Factory community please do your part by keeping good hygiene and washing  hands regularly. It's always the first line
of defense to keep us all healthy!

Personal Space.

Respect your fellow students' personal space to help maintain a healthy facility.

Hand Sanitizer

To help keep hands germ-free, we have added hand sanitizer and wipe stations. You’ll find the first sanitizing station at the entrance, plus additional stations throughout the facility.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Om Factory's Community Health Standards, feel free to contact us.