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summer specials

 CIRCUS+Aerial 10-PACK

 2 per person / valid 3 months


  Buy a Circus 5-Class Pack  /  Get an Aerial 5-Class Pack FREE!!!


new student + intro offers

 new student unlimited

 one time only

 $50 / $108

 1-Week Unlimited  /  1-Month Unlimited


 New to Acro?

  for members + non-members


 1st AcroYoga Class  /  Redeem in-studio


 join the circus!

 for members + non-members


 1st Circus Class  /  Redeem in-studio



 new students only


  5-Class Pack for Circus  /  Valid ONE month.




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New Student Unlimited does not include Circus classes. All intro offers are one-time only. 

mat + ACRO + aerial pricing

 New Student unlimited*

 one time only


 1-Week Unlimited


 1-Month Unlimited




 student / senior / military**

 $15 / $20

 1 Class: Mat / Aerial

 $75 / $100

 5 Class: Mat / Aerial




 classes + packs


 Single Class


 5-Class Pack


 10-Class Pack



 MAT / acro / aerial

 combo memberships

 $190 / MONth

 1-Month Unlimited

 $160 / MOnth

 3-Month Unlimited

 $1600 / YEAR

 Annual Unlimited



 classes + memberships


 Single Class

 $125 / MOnth

 Monthly Unlimited




 classes + packs


 Single Class


 5-Class Pack


 10-Class Pack



*New Student Unlimited is One-Time Only. Circus classes & Guest passes are are NOT included. Member drop-in rates apply.

**Valid ID required for Student / Senior / Military discount. College / University students & active military personnel / veterans are eligible. 

Combo + Acro Memberships do not include Circus, except when noted. 5-Class Packs valid 2 months, 10-Class Packs valid 5 months.

kids pricing


 classes + packs


 Single Class


 5-Class Pack


 10-Class Pack



5-Class Packs valid TWO months; 10-Class Packs valid FIVE months.

circus pricing

 join the circus!

 members + non-members


 1st Circus Class  /  One-time-only  /  Redeem in studio.




 $38 / $20

 Single / Member Drop-in 



 class packs


 5-Class Pack


 10-Class Pack





 $280 / Month

 One-Month Unlimited Membership



 Open Workout

 classes + class packs

 $10 / $15

  Express / Single Class


 10-Class Pack




Circus includes Silks, Bungee, Lyra, Rope, Trapeze & Single-Point Hammock.

5-Class Packs valid TWO months; 10-Class Packs valid FIVE months — except where noted.

*** benefits of membershiP ***

All members receive 15% off Workshops, Privates & Retail.


One FREE Guest Pass (per month / per pack).

Discounts on Circus classes.


2 Open Workouts per month.

Circus Jam (2nd Sundays).

Discounts on additional Circus classes.

15% OFF Yoga & Mat-Based classes.

Mat / Acro / Aerial Memberships, Promotions, Discounts & Guest Passes do not include Circus, except where noted.

Auto-renewing memberships are billed automatically to your credit card on a monthly basis.

Questions about Om Factory Rates, Packages & Benefits? Feel free to contact us!

studio policies

class registration

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before class start time.


To guarantee your reservation, 

particularly for classes with limited space & aerial apparatus, please arrive at least 5 minutes before 

start time. No one will be admitted 5 minutes after the start of class. 


No refunds or exchanges for late arrivals or cancellations (within less than 24 hours). 


You must register under your own name in order to reserve a space for classes or workshops. 


Multiple reservations cannot be booked under one student’s name.

cancellations & refunds

Full refunds or credits will be made for cancellations made at least 24 HOURS before the start of class OR at least 48 HOURS before the start of a workshop — unless otherwise specified.


We do not offer refunds or credits for late cancellations or no shows to classes or workshops.


Yoga memberships & class packs are non-transferable and non-refundable.


A one-month extension may be applied to a class pack under extenuating circumstances with a timely student request.

membership terms

3-Month Members may request 

a one-time suspension for up to 

ONE MONTH per 3-month contract. 

Suspensions should be requested 

prior to the next auto-pay date.


Suspension requests must be made via email: info@omfactory.yoga


Annual Members may request

a one-time suspension of up to

ONE MONTH per year.


Early termination of contract is 

subject to a fee of $30/month for every month remaining.


Early termination requests must be received in writing at least 15 days prior to next billing auto-pay cycle.

Minors (students under 18)

All students under the age of 18, must complete a Waiver (see below) signed by a legal guardian prior to class registration, 

or the start of ANY class. Minors without prior permission or completed Waiver, may be turned away from classes.


• Students under 18 must receive prior-approval from the instructor to participate in adult-level classes.

• Students under 14 must have a parent or legal guardian present in the studio during the class, 

  plus prior-approval from the instructor to participate in adult-level classes.

• Students under the age of 13, are not allowed to participate in adult-level Circus + Bungee classes.

  Please take a look at our Kids Aerial Classes in order to find aerial circus classes appropriate for children this age.

• Students under 10 are NOT permitted to participate in adult-level classes.

  Please see our Kids Aerial Classes page for various options that are appropriate for children under 10.


Minors may be turned away from classes without prior permission, or completed Waiver.

To request approval from instructors, or for more information please email: info@omfactory.yoga

For any questions regarding our studio policies, please feel free to contact us.