our story

In 2006, Om Factory was born out of the dust & debris of a windowless factory in New York City’s Garment District. Since our humble beginnings, we eventually expanded to Union Square and further afield with the opening of our first sister studio in Asia — Om Factory Korea.


Our unique Om Factory brand continued to flourish abroad. In 2016, we rang in our 10th anniversary with the opening of Om Factory Hanoi, in Vietnam and soon after that NoMad Om Factory was born in Taipei, Taiwan. 2018 brought two more Grand Openings: Om Factory Bangkok & Om Factory Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. 


A new phase of our evolution unfolded in 2019, with the merging of our two NYC studios under one roof at our current Union Square home. Followed in 2020 by city-wide lockdowns due to COVID which tested our endurance & commitment to the studio. And finally during the summer of 2023, the tides of fate rocked our world more than words can describe with the passing of our beloved founder, Faramarz — our inspiration, our father, our conscience, our friend, our heart.


We honor Faramarz’ limitless spirit of perseverance & creativity, by reinventing ourselves once more, though our core values remain the same. Our continued success at making Om Factory a home for yogis & aerialists far-and-wide is owed to our teachers (the core of our existence); to YOU (who keep our doors open); and to our loving staff & volunteers — for their tireless support & service.


Now as ever, we look forward to welcoming you hOMe.


   — Bassam Kubba
       Om Factory Guardian & Owner

in loving memory


Faramarz. Om Factory Founder, 1950-2023

Shining infinitely in our hearts.