our story

In 2006, Om Factory was born out of the dust & debris of a windowless garment factory.


Since our humble beginnings, we first expanded in 2012 to our second New York City location in Union Square, and have ventured further afield with Om Factory Seoul and Ilsan in South Korea, which both opened in 2013.


Om Factory has continued to grow in recent years, with Om Factory Hanoi opening its doors to coincide with our 10th Anniversary in New York in March 2016. Two additional studios opened in Vietnam in 2017: Om Factory Tay Ho and Om Factory Dang Thai Mai, both in the heart of Hanoi's beautiful West Lake neighborhood. Almost simultaneously, NoMad Om Factory was born in Taipei, Taiwan, where we now also have two vibrant studio locations. In 2018, we are thrilled to celebrate the Grand Opening of Om Factory Bangkok, with many more exciting projects on the horizon.


We owe our success in making Om Factory a home for yogis far and wide to our teachers who are the core of our existence, to YOU who keep our doors open, and to our loving staff and volunteers for their tireless support and service.


We look forward to welcoming you hOMe.

— Faramarz, Om Factory founder