Run away & join the circus at Om Factory with a Circus class! 

We offer a range of circus-style classes including Silks, Lyra, Rope, & Single Point Hammock. 

New to Circus arts? Try your first-ever Circus class for just $25!!

new to Circus?

In order to join our aerial circus classes, students need to understand the principles of aerial acrobatics and build the muscles you need to fly!  We welcome all circus newbies to join our Aerial Circus Playground classes to learn the necessary prerequisites before joining our open level apparatus classes.  We also invite you to join any of our 101 workshops or classes (Silks 101, Lyra 101, Hammock Playground 101) in order to learn specific skills.


Aerial Silks 101 and Lyra 101 workshops educate both complete beginners and students who would like a refresher on the basics of Aerial Silks and Lyra. These workshop will prepare students for all other levels of silks and lyra by teaching them specific skills and how safely condition their new aerial muscles on & off the ground.


Small class size creates a supportive, safe & fun environment. Weekly attendance is encouraged to promote progressive learning — however, drop-ins are also welcome. 


silks / Open level

Meant for advanced beginners and up, silk aerialists will practice the building blocks of proper aerial technique and learn to execute wraps, drops, sequences, and flows.  Newer silks students can come to work on inversions, cross-back straddle, catchers wraps, hip key sequences and s-wraps, while more advanced students can focus on layering tricks together mixed with difficult conditioning and lengthy air time.  Weekly attendance is encouraged to promote progressive learning and to build on an entire sequence over time — however, drop-ins are also welcome.



  • Students must be able to basic and Russian climb to the top of the fabric unassisted on both sides.
  • Students must be able to complete a same and/or opposite side inverted climb with no assistance.
  • Students must have knowledge of hip keys, aerial dance wrap, and figure-8 foot locks in the air.


Permission from the instructor is required to waive these requirements. 

Students new to Silks work should begin with a Aerial Silks 101 workshop or by taking Aerial Circus Playground classes.

Silks Flow / Open Level

This class is geared towards the intermediate-beginner aerialist looking to work on strength, silks vocabulary, conditioning, sequencing, musicality, and flow in the air.



  • Students must have taken a minimum of
    5 Silks Open Level classes in order to take Silks Flow.
  • Knowledge of basic foot and wrist wraps.
  • Knowledge of hip key and inversion.


**Please come warmed-up in advance for Silks Flow.

Permission from the instructor is required to waive these requirements. 

Single Point Hammock Flow / open level

Single Point Hammock puts a "spin" on our traditional hammock based aerial yoga classes by adding a circus swivel to the hammock! Aerialists can flow through tricks and sequences in the single point hammock, building strength and endurance while working on fluidity and grace. This class is ideal for aerial yogis with a steady practice, or advanced beginner and up aerial circus students.



  • Must have taken at least 5 aerial yoga 2 classes
  • Pullover to roll to sit
  • Straddle Inversions in the base of the hammock, working towards inverting from standing in the hammock.


Students new to Single Point Hammock work should begin with an Aerial Yoga class, Hammock Playground 101 or by taking Aerial Circus Playground classes.

Permission from the instructor is required to waive these requirements. 

LYRA / Open Level

Lyra classes focus on developing the upper body, core & grip strength necessary to move your body with ease around and within the hoop. Our lyra classes will focus on transitions and tricks that will make you fall in love with the apparatus, as well as finding the grace and ease to transition between them. Instructors will provide advanced conditioning exercises, as well as the opportunity for the student to learn dynamic movements and spin.



  • 3 unassisted pull ups
  • Straddle inversions
  • Unassisted trapeze and pullover mounts
  • Single knee hangs.

Students new to Lyra work should begin with a Lyra 101 workshop or by taking our Aerial Circus Playground classes. 

Permission from an Om Factory instructor is required before attending Lyra Level 2. 

lyra Flow / Open Level

Lyra Flow will focus on gracefully building transitions and sequencing movement beneath, within, and above the hoop. This class is ideal for advanced beginner or intermediate students.


Lyra Flow Pre-Requisites:

  • Students must have taken a minimum of 5 Lyra Open Level classes in order to take Lyra Flow.
  • Knowledge of trapeze, straddle, and pullover mount


Permission from the instructor is required to waive these requirements. 


Rope / Open Level

Aerial Rope is similar to Aerial Silks, but uses a single strand and provides more structure for easier manipulation. Rope lends itself to artful transitions and seemingly gravity-defying moves, like toe climbs and single arm hangs.


In a Rope class, you will explore balance and transitions, as well as develop an understanding of aerial vocabulary similar to Silks Open level, and work on basic aerial conditioning. Intermediate/advanced aerial conditioning will be provided, as well as aerial flows, sequences, and tricks. 



  • Students must attend 2-4 vertical apparatus Aerial Circus classes (Silks open level or Aerial Circus Playground) before enrolling in Rope.
  • Open Level students must demonstrate the ability to climb to the top of the rope on both sides and create a foot lock in the air.

Permission from the instructor is required to waive these requirements.


90-120 minutes


Come hang out in our aerial silks, lyra, rope, and hammocks. We rig 2 silks, 1 rope, 2 lyras, and 1 single point hammock for experienced students and circus professionals to practice during Open Workouts. In addition we have 2 extra points to accommodate an extra apparatus; please contact us 12 hours in advance to submit a request. Feel free to bring your favorite aerial apparatus and use our rigging hardware (See policy below).


On the 2nd Sunday of each month, our Open Workout is extended an extra hour. Our Aerial Circus Jam is a great time to come play with your friends and make new ones.


Open Workout Policies:

  • All equipment must be inspected by our OM Factory Staff before being rigged. Please submit all inquires 1 week prior to attending Open Workout.
  • No private lessons of any nature are allowed, regardless if money is being exchanged for such a lesson. Doing so will be immediately stopped and noted, and may cause you to lose your Open Workout privileges without refund. (Ask our desk staff about a space rental for private lessons).
  • Skill sharing is acceptable, but safety is our top priority. Please seek proper instruction before attempting any new skill or sequence on an aerial apparatus. 

Open Workout Prerequisites:

  • You must have attended at least 5 aerial yoga or Aerial Circus classes previous to attending Open Workout/Jam or have written permission from one our instructors AND...
  • Must be able to complete our Circus Playground 101 skills in order to participate in Open Workout/Jam.

Students should have previous experience with Aerial apparatus. Drop-ins welcome.


Silks + Lyra 101 workshops are offered regularly. Check back here for the latest workshops + Jams! 

om factory circus teachers



•  Fitted, not baggy clothing 
    is recommended.
•  Stretchy pants or leggings
    that cover the backs of knees.
•  No shorts please.
•  Shirts should be long enough
    to tuck in & cover midriff.



•  Students should exhibit the
   appropriate pre-requisite skill set
   before advancing to the next level.  
   Teacher approval may be required.
•  Silks students must attend 2 - 4
   Aerial Circus Playground 101    

   classes, or the Silks 101
before participating in
   Silks Open Level classes.

membership terms

•  Circus class packages
    and memberships apply to
    Circus classes only.
•  Standard OF memberships
    and trials do not include

    Circus classes.
•  Member discounts for
    Circus are drop-in only,
    space permitting.

class size

Circus classes are limited to 7 - 12 students to ensure individual attention.

For more info or any questions regarding our Circus Studio policies, please feel free to contact us.