Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Jacob has always had a love for art and performance. He began as a classically trained bassist before taking up singing, acting, and eventually circus arts! Now a NYC-based artist, Jacob has performed in various events and shows. His specialty is Lyra, but he is also experienced in other apparatuses such as: Hammock, Strap Loops, Spansets, Spanish Web, and Dance Trapeze. His style of movement can be described as "what happens when a gargoyle & a worm meet and decide to move." Jacob has trained in NYC, Las Vegas, and Chicago with aerialists including Samantha Marsh, Maximiliano Torandell, Roman Tomanov, and Camille Swift.


Instagram: @_jacob_mckee


Jacob's Class Schedule:

Lyra Level 1  /  Saturdays @ 12 - 1:15pm