Add more flight & fun to your life as you bounce, levitate, and soar through the air.

Never tried Bungee? That's okay, no experience is necessary — all are welcome!

What is Bungee? 

Bungee is a stunning aerial art form that will give you the opportunity to both defy gravity and experience weightlessness. Students will manipulate the tension provided by the bungee cords against the floor to create beautiful, floating, and flowing movements in the air. Each participant will be suited up in their own bungee harness at the start of class and alternate in and out of their bungee point. Bungee lends itself to beautiful sequencing and dance-like movement, but don't let its beauty fool you — classes can also provide a unique and intense cardio workout! 



Pre-Requisites:  NONE! All levels of movers, dancers, or aerialists are welcome.

*We recommend wearing bike shorts over a second layer of pants for comfort. 


Bungee 1

Bungee Level 1 introduces the fun, fitness, and flow aspects of this exciting apparatus to budding aerialists of any level. Students will have a blast exploring ground-based bungee work, as well as flight-based tricks and skills. Come ready to work hard and play even harder by combining elements of bungee fitness and aerial dance!


All levels are welcome!

Bungee Party

Bungee Party provides a boisterous opportunity to dive "head-first" into aerial fitness! Any level of aerialist is welcome. Get harnessed up right way and have plenty of time to fly. No previous experience is required, but a fearless attitude (and a second pair of shorts/bottoms) will make it more fun!


All levels welcome!

past workshops

meet the teachers

Barbara Gentile
Barbara Gentile
Bassam Kubba
Bassam Kubba

For questions about Om Factory's Bungee classes or apparatus, please feel free to contact us!



First-time aerial yoga students are encouraged to bring a bath towel

or small blanket to you first class

to explore ways of creating extra support with padding.



•  Fitted clothing is recommended.

•  Stretchy pants or leggings

    that cover the backs of knees.

•  No shorts please.

•  Shirts should be long enough

    to tuck in & cover midriff.



Aerial Yoga 1 classes require use

of a yoga mat. As mats cannot be provided by the studio at this time, please bring your own mat.


Intermediate / Advanced students

may practice without a mat.

(Circus, AY2+3, Core) 


studio mat policy 

The studio will provide mats to students who do not bring their own.



As a precaution, the studio is not providing additional props at this time. This include yoga blocks and blankets. If you require these props for your practice, we encourage you to bring your own from home.



We are currently unable to

provide storage for mats, props,

or aerial equipment at the studio.



All hammocks/silks are cleaned and sanitized after every single use. 


5-minute grace period is granted

after the start of ALL classes.


After this grace period, doors

are locked and there is strictly
NO admittance to the class.


We encourage you to arrive early, and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


class cancellations

In order to pay our staff and instructors appropriately, classes with fewer than 3 people pre-registered 24 hours in advance
will be cancelled.


If you signed up for a class that is cancelled, your account will be credited for that class.