Aerial Yoga combines classical yoga postures you may already know, with aerial acrobatics.

This invigorating practice promotes strength, health, and flexibility in ways you never imagined.

It's a great time to fly! New-Student & Welcome-Back class packs available for a limited time.

Students with recent injuries or surgeries should consult a doctor prior to enrolling.

level 1

New to Aerial Yoga?

You'll learn the basics in Level 1.


•  Position the hammock correctly.

•  Develop body awareness.

•  Balance supported by fabric.

•  Find comfort in supported inversions.

•  Flip in the air.


Best for students who have:

•  Taken 3 or fewer AY classes.
•  Limited mat-based yoga.
•  Desire to build strength & flexibility with slow-paced, alignment-oriented flow.
•  No familiarity with terms like

“Front Hip Lean” or “Upper Back Lean.


Start your Aerial Yoga journey in Level 1, no matter your level in traditional yoga.


level 2

Mastered the basics?

Conquered your fear of inverting? Awesome! You're ready for Level 2.


Aerial Yoga 2 classes challenge you to increase your strength & flexibility, while learning to flow through multiple poses without ever setting your feet down to rest. Level 2 students learn to use the hammock for acrobatic balancing, while integrating more flips & cirque into their practice.



•  Minimum 5 Om Factory AY1 classes 

   (or equivalent aerial experience).
•  Basic Inversion without instruction.
•  Perform assisted pull-ups properly.
•  Perform front & back balances. 



Level 2 tricks feel basic? Already flowing through aerial variations with your eyes closed? Time for Level 3!


Come ready to challenge flexibility, strength, sequencing, transitions, and cirque tricks — to the max. Remember when your feet were on the floor all the time? Those days are long gone! Prepare to expand physical & mental horizons, and wind down into the most well-deserved Savasana imaginable.



•  Minimum 7 Om Factory AY2 classes.
•  Invert in the air.
•  Easily perform L-shaped handstands,
•  Perform unsupported pull-ups. 
•  Hold a flexed-arm hang for 30 seconds.


Instructor permission is needed to waive requirements for Aerial Yoga classes.  Please review Aerial/Circus studio policies below.

CORe / open

Ignite your core, get strong, and find balance in body & mind — all while balancing in a hammock! Acquaint yourself with muscles you never knew you had, and leave invigorated and walking tall. This class is accessible to students across a variety of skill levels. Options are offered as strength & confidence grow.



•  At least one Om Factory AY class.
•  Invert with hammock at the sacrum with minimal instruction.
•  Ability to properly wrap fabric around wrists / hips / upper back.


NOT for first-time flyers. You must attend at least one Level 1 class to learn Om Factory AY basics prior to enrolling in Core.


Aerial Yoga Core Level 2 challenges core strength beyond Open  Level classes. Advanced conditioning & sequencing will take your practice to new heights. Build the strength & confidence needed to dive deeper into acrobatic tricks, while focusing on alignment & technique. Be prepared to move at a faster pace and ignite your inner fire.



•  Minimum 5 Aerial Yoga or AY Core Open Level classes.
•  Invert with fabric at sacrum with no instruction.
•  Perform front & back balances.
•  Perform multiple pull-ups with good form. 


Core Level 2 classes are not currently available.


Hammock playground  /  level 2+

Are you ready to step up your Aerial Hammock game? Come fly in this class designed to build your aerial strength, endurance, and technical skill. Class will focus on specialized conditioning that teaches your body how to engage against the fabric in order to find more fluid movement through sequences. Progressions and transitions that keep you in the air for the majority of your class will push you to build increased endurance. Through a deeper exploration of how tricks should safely begin and end, you'll discover the technique each skill requires within your body's own momentum and striking force. This class will offer you a fun, highly motivated, and supportive environment to work the knots out of your hammock practice.



•  At least 5 Aerial Yoga 2 or Circus Level 1 (or higher) classes, recently. 

   Or similar level of experience from an out-of-town facility.

•  Ability to complete 1 full pull-up, 5 full push-ups, and hold plank for 30 seconds.

•  Ability to invert in the air without assistance.


A restorative style class designed for students of all levels looking to slow down their practice and use the aerial fabric closer to the ground. If you've tried Aerial Yoga and you love it but could do without all those pull-ups and planks, OR if you've never touched an aerial fabric but you dream of floating upside down — this class is for you.


Focus on using the fabric to work out the kinks in all those hard to reach areas of tension in the legs, pelvis, and spinal column. We'll warm-up and stretch both in and out of the fabric, while taking our time to rejuvenate the body, rehydrate the spine, and bring blood to the brain. At the end of class, expect a long, loving Savasana, before we turn you back upright and send you off refreshed and ready to conquer your week. All levels are welcome.


Aerial Mellow Flow classes are not on the schedule at this time. 

meet the teachers

aerial / circus policies

For more info or any questions regarding our Aerial / Circus Studio policies, feel free to contact us.


First-time aerial yoga students are encouraged to bring a bath towel

or small blanket to you first class

to explore ways of creating extra support with padding.



•  Fitted clothing is recommended.

•  Stretchy pants or leggings

    that cover the backs of knees.

•  No shorts please.

•  Shirts should be long enough

    to tuck in & cover midriff.



Aerial Yoga 1 classes require use

of a yoga mat. As mats cannot be provided by the studio at this time, please bring your own mat.


Intermediate / Advanced students

may practice without a mat.

(Circus, AY2+3, Core) 


studio mat policy 

The studio will provide mats to students who do not bring their own.



As a precaution, the studio is not providing additional props at this time. This include yoga blocks and blankets. If you require these props for your practice, we encourage you to bring your own from home.



We are currently unable to

provide storage for mats, props,

or aerial equipment at the studio.



All hammocks/silks are cleaned and sanitized after every single use. 


5-minute grace period is granted

after the start of ALL classes.

After this grace period, doors

are locked and there is strictly
NO admittance to the class.

We encourage you to arrive early, and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.



A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel reservations. Cancellations that are made within less than 24 hours are NOT eligible for class credit or refund. 



Classes with fewer than 3 people pre-registered 24 hours in advance
will be cancelled. If you signed up for a class that is cancelled, your account will be credited.