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LEVEL 1  /  basics

If you’ve never taken an Aerial Yoga class before, start with Level 1!


No matter your level of experience in traditional yoga, aerial dance, modern dance, or cheerleading camp... Level 1 is the place to begin. Level 1 is designed to introduce students to the building blocks of Aerial Yoga. Students learn how to balance supported by fabric, flip in the air, and position the hammock correctly so as not to lose your lunch. This class also helps gain body awareness and comfort in supported inversions. 


Level 1 Aerial Yoga is for you, IF:

  • You've taken 3 or fewer Aerial Yoga classes.
  • You have little, or no experience with mat-based yoga.
  • You wish to build strength & flexibility with a slow-paced, alignment-oriented flow.
  • You are not familiar with terms like “Front Hip Lean” or “Upper Back Lean."

LEVEL 2  /  intermediate

So, you’ve mastered the basics, conquered your fear of inverting in the hammock, and no longer freeze when told to hook your knees through the fabric? Awesome! You are probably ready for a Level 2 Class. Level 2 students learn how to use the hammock for acrobatic-style balancing while integrating more flips & cirque into their Aerial Yoga practice. This class will challenge you to develop increased strength and flexibility, while you learn to flow through multiple poses without ever stepping your feet down to rest.


If you enjoy the flow and pace of a Level 2 Aerial Yoga class but want to challenge yourself with harder conditioning and trick options, then try one of our Level 2/3 Aerial Yoga classes!  Suited for first time Level 2 practitioners as well as seasoned Level 3 aerial yoga students, this class has something for everyone.  Prerequisites for Level 2 Aerial Yoga apply. 


Level 2 Pre-Requisites:

  • Minimum of 5 Aerial Yoga classes at Om Factory (recently).
    or equivalent experience with aerial hammock.
  • Inversion with hammock at sacrum without instruction.
  • Ability to perform assisted pull-ups with good form.
  • Ability to perform front & back balances. 

*Consult your doctor prior to enrolling for students with recent injuries to or surgeries on the spine, wrist, or shoulder.

LEVEL 3  /  advanced

When Level 2 tricks feel basic and you know your favorite variations with your eyes closed, it's time for Level 3! Come ready to challenge flexibility, strength, sequencing, transitions, and cirque tricks to the max. Remember when your feet were on the floor all the time? Those days are past! Prepare to expand physical & mental horizons, and wind down into the most well deserved Savasana imaginable.


Level 3 Pre-Requisites:

  • Minimum of 7 Aerial Yoga Level 2 classes.
  • Ability to invert in the air.
  • Ability to easily perform L-shaped handstands,
  • Ability to perform unsupported pull ups (without feet) 
  • Ability to hold a flexed-arm hang for at least 30 seconds.

Instructor permission is needed to waive requirements.

*Consult your doctor prior to enrolling for students with recent injuries to or surgeries on the spine, wrist, or shoulder.

CORe / Mixed Level

Ignite your core, get strong, and find balance in body & mind — all while balancing in a hammock! Expect to acquaint yourself with muscles you never knew you had and leave invigorated and walking tall. This class is accessible to students across a variety of skill levels. Options are offered as strength and confidence in the hammock grow. Aerial Yoga Core, however, is NOT appropriate for first-time flyers. Take at least one Level 1 class to acquaint yourself with Om Factory Aerial Yoga prior to enrolling.


Core Mixed Level Pre-Requisites: 

  • Minimum ONE Om Factory Aerial Yoga class or equivalent with aerial hammock.
  • Ability to invert with hammock at the sacrum with minimal instruction.
  • Understand how to properly wrap fabric around wrists, hips & upper back.


Aerial Yoga Core Level 2 challenges core strength beyond Level 1 or Mixed-Level classes. Advanced conditioning & sequencing will take your practice to new heights. Build the strength & confidence needed to dive deeper into acrobatic tricks, while focusing on alignment & technique. Be prepared to move at a faster pace and ignite your inner fire.


Core Level 2 Pre-Requisites:

  • Minimum 5 Aerial Yoga or Aerial Yoga Core Mixed Level classes (recently).
  • Ability to invert with fabric at sacrum with no instruction.
  • Ability to perform front & back balances.
  • Ability to perform multiple pull-ups with good form.

*Consult your doctor prior to enrolling for students with recent injuries to or surgeries on the spine, wrist, or shoulder.



A restorative style class designed for students of all levels looking to slow down their practice and use the aerial fabric closer to the ground. If you've tried Aerial Yoga and you love it but could do without all those pull-ups and planks, OR if you've never touched an aerial fabric but you dream of floating upside down — this class is for you.

Focus on using the fabric to work out the kinks in all those hard to reach areas of tension in the legs, pelvis, and spinal column. We'll warm-up and stretch both in and out of the fabric, while taking our time to rejuvenate the body, rehydrate the spine, and bring blood to the brain. At the end of class, expect a long, loving Savasana, before we turn you back upright and send you off refreshed and ready to conquer your week.


Open to students of ALL levels.


COMMUNITY classes / aerial

At Om Factory we offer Community Classes at a discounted rate of $10 per class in the hopes of making aerial classes more accessible to the community. Teachers rotate through these time slots and our Community Class schedule changes on a monthly basis. Community Classes may be taught by recent graduates of Om Factory's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program, or at times by seasoned Om Factory teachers. Check our class schedule for our latest community offerings.


Level 1 & Open-Level Community Classes are open to ALL students.


Past workouts

Join us for an aerial workshop or practice your hammock skills at a monthly Open Workouts!

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