Aerial Yoga combines yoga poses with aerial acrobatics & conditioning exercises

promoting strength, health & flexibility in ways you never imagined. 


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Students with injuries, recent surgeries, or students who are pregnant should consult a doctor prior to enrolling.

AY level 1 

Aerial Yoga Level 1 classes are designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of Aerial Yoga practice. Learn how to properly position the hammock on your body to receive ideal support in a variety of positions while you develop increased body awareness, strength and endurance. Every Level 1 class includes supported inversions that encourage decompression of the spine.

No matter your level of experience in traditional yoga, aerial dance, or gymnastics, if you’ve never taken Aerial Yoga before, please start with this class. While this is a Basics / Level 1 class, teachers will offer progressions for regular students to begin learning advanced-beginner aerial acrobatics & yoga postures as they gain increased confidence in working with the hammocks.




NONE!!  All levels are welcome!


aY level 2

Aerial Yoga Level 2 classes build on the foundation set in our Level 1 classes, offering new challenges for advanced-beginner & intermediate students. Learn how to integrate more flips & cirque into your already established aerial yoga practice, while also adding exciting new tricks into your aerial skillset. For an additional level of challenge & play, Level 2 classes are typically taught on a spinning, single-point hammock.


This class will challenge you to develop increased strength & flexibility, combining more challenging conditioning exercises with longer sequences that require the endurance to flow through multiple poses without ever stepping your feet down to rest.




•  Minimum TEN recent Om Factory

   Aerial Yoga or Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow

   classes, or similar level of relevant experience.
•  Safely invert, hammock at sacrum and/or waist,

   without instruction.
•  Comfort performing assisted pull-ups in good form.
•  Confident Front & Back Balances.


Instructor permission is required to waive Aerial Yoga pre-requisites for qualified students. Please contact us prior to enrollment.

AY core  /  open level

This specialty Aerial Yoga class ignites your core & challenges every student to get strong and find balance within the body & mind — while balancing in the hammock! Expect to acquaint yourself with muscles you never knew you had and leave invigorated & walking tall! Aerial Yoga Core is accessible to students across a variety of skill levels & options will be offered as your strength & confidence in the hammock grow — however, Core is not appropriate for first-time flyers.




•  Minimum ONE Om Factory Aerial Yoga class OR equivalent experience with aerial hammock.
•  Safely invert, hammock at sacrum, with minimal instruction.
•  Understand how to properly wrap fabric around wrists, hips & upper back.


NOT for first time flyers. Please take at least one Aerial Yoga Level 1 class to acquaint yourself with Om Factory Aerial Yoga prior to enrolling in Core.


* Aerial Yoga Core is not recommend for students with injuries or recent surgeries on the spine, wrist or shoulder. Please consult with your doctor prior to enrolling if you are recovering from a recent issue.

aerial hammock tricks & flow

Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow classes are designed to build aerial strength, endurance & technical skill. 

level 1

In Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow L1, students build strength & gain confidence working with the apparatus while learning beginner-friendly tricks, rolls, and flips. As skill vocabularies start to grow, students will begin to explore creative sequencing and learn to clean up transitions between skills. This class offers time for play, and exploration, while still challenging both the body and the mind.




Class is beginner-friendly, but we highly recommend taking THREE or more Aerial Yoga Level 1 classes prior to attending Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow Classes.

level 2

Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow L2 classes introduce specialized conditioning that will teach your body how to engage against the fabric in order to find more fluid movement through sequences. Students begin to spend longer periods of time in the air in order to build increased endurance. Through a deeper exploration of how tricks should safely begin & end, you'll discover the technique each skill requires within your body's own momentum and striking force. This class will offer you a fun, highly motivated, and supportive environment to work the knots out of your hammock practice.




•  Minimum FIVE recent Aerial Yoga

   or Aerial Hammock classes.
•  Safely invert, hammock at sacrum

   and/or waist, without instruction.
•  Comfort performing assisted pull-ups

   in good form.
•  Confident Front & Back Balances.


level 3

Aerial Hammock Tricks & Flow L3 classes continue to build upon the skills that students begin training in Level 2. Progressions & transitions that keep students in the air for the majority of class will push you to build new levels of strength & endurance. As you advance in your aerial technique, expect increased opportunities to improvise & play, while exploring your own unique groove with the hammock in a playful, supportive space.




•  Minimum TEN recent Aerial Hammock

   Tricks & Flow classes, or similar level.
•  Safely invert in the air without

   assistance or instruction.

•  Comfort performing unassisted pull-ups

   in good form.
•  Confident holding L-shaped handstands

   & flexed-arm hangs 30 seconds each.

Instructor permission is required to waive Aerial Yoga pre-requisites for qualified students. Please contact us prior to enrollment.

meet the teachers

aerial / circus policies


•  Fitted clothing is recommended.

•  Stretchy pants or leggings that cover backs of knees.

•  No shorts please.

•  Shirts should be long enough to tuck in & cover midriff. 



The studio provides mats to students without their own.


5-minute grace period is granted after the start of ALL classes. After this grace period, doors are locked and there is strictly NO admittance to the class.


We encourage you to arrive early, and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.



A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel reservations. Cancellations that are made within less than 24 hours are NOT eligible for class credit or refund.