Isa Stettler

Isa first found yoga as a way to train while pursuing her passion for dance. Like many New Yorkers she had a lot going on and millions of thoughts running through her head. Her approach to life changed when she found stillness of mind during a yoga practice. Slowly she became the yogi she is today — forever growing + learning. She is grateful to all the random turns life took that brought her to Om Factory. She completed OFSY's 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2014 with Amanda Winkler + Kirstin Trued, and 50-HourAerial Yoga TT with Amanda McDonald + Amanda Winkler. For Isa, the best moments in class are when students surprise themselves — pure joy! Her main focus and personal interest lies in body alignment and empowerment. Her classes mix classic asanas with any method that might help her students understand and improve their postures. Isa’s goal is to get a surprised smile from every yogi when they find extra space in their body or are able to take an extra breath. 


Instagram:  @aysa_yogi


Aerial Yoga 1  /  Wednesdays 12:30 - 1:45pm   SIGN UP!