Derek Cook

Derek has always worked with his hands in one way or another: first as a builder, sculptor and musician, and then eventually, as a body worker and movement teacher.  After years of mistreating his body, and more years spent repairing his trust in and connection to it, Derek now finds passion in teaching others to find their own healing path through thoughtful, effortful and honest movement. Over the past decade, his practice of yoga and in depth study of the human body and bio mechanics has opened up a world of joy and wonder that he endeavors to share.


Derek's first yoga teacher training was an accident to say the least, getting tricked into starting a journey of study and personal development through the Budokon Yoga and MMA University under Cameron Shayne. After teaching for a couple of years, he dove in head first with an extended stay in India where he spent many months living in two ashrams and undertaking their trainings, first in the Bihar tradition and later in the Kashmiri Shivite School of Tantra. He returned to The States to study human biomechanics, anatomy and bodywork with the ever present desire to integrate the spiritual depths of the practice and the intricacies of the human form.