Refresh your teaching skills & return to being a student by learning new techniques while you 

acquire the Continuing Ed Credits you need to maintain your certification. OFSY is happy to host

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Forrest yoga training series

9-Day Forrest Yoga Morning Intensive Series

When:    MAY 12 - 20, 2018

               8am - 12:30pm

Where:   Om Factory Fashion District

Who:      Heidi Sormaz & Cat Allen

Cost:      9-Day Series:

               $950 / $850 before 4/15

               Daily Drop-Ins:

               $105 / $95 before 4/15

               (No Drop-ins for last two days.)

Experience a blissful Forrest Yoga practice & ceremony!


Join Heidi every morning for a full immersion into traditional Forrest Yoga Ceremony and a 3.5-hour Forrest Yoga class that will ignite your spirit and set you up for the rest of your day. Each day is a magical experience for your body, mind & spirit.


•  Up-level your personal practice

•  Enjoy investing in your own self-care

•  Detoxify your body and your mind

•  Learn to work with and heal any injuries you may have

•  Experience ways to make advanced poses accessible



•  Open to yoga teachers & experienced yoga practitioners of all yoga styles.

•  Must either be a certified Forrest Yoga teacher or a teacher

   with a minimum three years experience in teaching.

•  Students are welcome to attend all nine intensives OR

   sign up for individual drop-ins. Drop-ins not available for the last two days.

•  All applications must be approved by the Forrest Yoga team.


meet the teacher: heidi

"My first love was the study of the mind. As an academic, I experimented with unwinding cognitive habits (habitual thinking) through specific attention and meditation work. I bring these principles to the yoga room, encouraging you to work with your minds as specifically as you work with your body. This helps you to understand and transform the habits that keep you stuck in your body and life. Working in this way helped me move through my own challenges dealing with severe anxiety and recovering from an eating disorder." — Heidi Sormaz  /

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