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meditation for yogis training

Time  /  Date  /  Location:

October 19 - 22, 2018

8:30 - 11:30am & 2 - 4:30pm daily

@ Fashion District



Heidi Sormaz


4-Day Series Cost:     

$499 / $399 before 9/19



22 Yoga Alliance Credits

your yogi-mind matters

Meditation for Yogis 4-Day Continuing Ed Training


"Get comfortable — even when life isn't."  


Let’s bust the myth that meditation is difficult and not for you. You are probably aware that meditation is an integral part of yogic life – but do you practice? In this training you will develop a meditation practice that fits your yogi lifestyle and leave understanding how to bring embodied mindfulness techniques into asana practice (Yin & Yang Yoga styles). This equips you with the tools to meet your experience more easily and manage stress on a daily basis. If you think you can’t meditate because your mind is too busy or you don’t have time or it stresses you out – this is the training for you. It’s time to make peace with your mind. Your mind matters.


Learn simple, practical tools from traditional wisdom and modern psychology to balance the meditative aspects of seeing clearly what is happening in the moment and creating an internal experience that is more of what you want and need. Once you embody these practices, you will intuitively know how to choose your intent for your practice (meditation and asana) or just your day. Yoga teachers will learn how to bring these intents into the classroom.


Sample Day:

  • Each session begins with discussion & meditation.
  • AM: Takes the meditative focus into a sweaty intensive 2 HR asana practice.
  • PM: Contains a longer discussion section and a shorter yin-yoga practice.

You will learn:

  • That you don’t need to run from or fix your internal environment
  • To bring meditation into your asana practice and daily life
  • Pragmatic dharma
  • To embody traditional meditation techniques within asana
  • To consider differences between traditional styles of yoga & meditation
    and yoga for the 21st century
  • The difference between what it feels like to use yoga to fix yourself
    versus yoga practice to move forward on a spiritual path
  • How to develop and choose a meditation practice that’s right for you 


  • Open to teacher and dedicated students alike.
  • Recommended-but-not-required reading, 
    Read Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation, by Sharon Salzberg.


meet the teacher

"My first love was the study of the mind. As an academic, I experimented with unwinding cognitive habits (habitual thinking) through specific attention and meditation work. I bring these principles to the yoga room, encouraging you to work with your minds as specifically as you work with your body. This helps you to understand and transform the habits that keep you stuck in your body and life. Working in this way helped me move through my own challenges dealing with severe anxiety and recovering from an eating disorder." — Heidi Sormaz  /

For more info about Heidi's Meditation for Yogis 4-Day Intensive, please contact us at

aerial mellow flow TT

NEW! 3-Day Aerial Mellow Flow Teacher Training  /  Winter 2019

Time  /  Date  /  Location:

January 11 - 13, 2019

10am - 12:30pm & 1:30pm - 4:30pm daily

@ Fashion District



Kevin Bigger & Maisah Hargett


3-Day Training Cost:     

$600  Early Bird (by December 11, 2018)

$700  Full Tuition

$500  AYTT  /  ADV-AYTT Graduate Rate

$20 application fee.



16 Yoga Alliance Credits

Aerial Mellow Flow is Om Factory’s answer to a Restorative Aerial Yoga Practice. Created by Kevin Bigger in collaboration with Maisah Hargett and their students, this method uses the aerial hammock as a tool to create sacred space in the body, mind and spirit. A slow-moving Aerial Yoga flow gently warms the body in preparation for a series of long holds in poses inspired by Yin and Restorative Yoga. Practical applications of pranayama and meditation techniques are often woven into the sequence as well. This exploration makes use of the aerial hammock much closer to the ground than in a general Aerial Yoga class.


Training will include:

•  Sample classes taught by Kevin & Maisah.
•  Detailed breakdowns of 30+ Mellow Poses included in a 115-page, full-color manual.
•  Discussion of multiple class-sequencing strategies.
•  Certificate from OFSY upon completion of 100% of training hours.



While it would be helpful to have experience either teaching or taking Aerial Yoga classes prior to enrolling in this training, it is designed to be open to any teacher who is interested in adding a new skill set to their toolbox. Interested students who want to treat themselves to three days of lounging in the hammocks are also welcome to join.


meet the teachers: Kevin

Kevin completed his RYT-200 training with Boston's Radiant Yoga School. In New York City, he was later whipped into proper shape by Schuyler Grant and all the rad teachers at Kula Yoga Project and currently studies with Iyengar Yoga Teacher Nikki Costello (including the Enrichment Practice, a 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training). Kevin was first introduced to the idea of Aerial Yoga in New York in 2009 and has been teaching in a hammock for the past seven years. At Om Factory, he co-created OFSY's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training curriculum and is one of the lead teachers for the 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training as well. He has led over a dozen Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings for Om Factory in New York, Connecticut, Oregon, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. 


meet the teacherS: Maisah

Maisah happened upon yoga whilst looking for a way to keep her body in prime performing condition as a dancer.  After many a class that wasn’t quite the right fit she found her gateway drug in Vinyasa; the linking of breath and flowing movement really hit home with her dancing heart. She went on to complete her 200hr training with Yoga to the People NYC (2011) and followed that up with trainings in Restorative Yoga (Mary Aranas 2013), Kids’s Yoga (Asana Alphabet 2014, RYCT), Aerial Yoga (OFSY 2014) AcroYoga (AcroYoga Montréal 2015), Baby Yoga (Asana Alphabet 2016), Trauma-Informed Yoga (Exhale to Inhale 2017) and last, but certainly not least, Aerial Yoga Mellow Flow (OFSY 2013).  

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