50hr Aerial TT summer 2017

One-Week Intensive: Monday, July 24 - Sunday, July 30, 2017

Daily Schedule: 9am - 12pm & 1:30 - 5:30 PM

AYTT Core Faculty: Kevin Bigger, Kristin Corayer & Kristina Cubrilo.


Complete the application by July 1, 2017. Submit by June 1 to save $200.

Apply now to reserve a spot — space is limited!

tuition plans

Early Bird Discount: $1800 (paid in full by 6/1/17)  

Full Tuition: $2000 (paid after 7/1/17)

Summer Intensive Discount: $1600 (For those also enrolling in OFSY's Summer 2017 200-hr Vinyasa Teacher Training)

$20 application fee (non-refundable) is required.  $500 deposit is due upon acceptance.

*Deposit & tuition are non-refundable after June 1, 2017. Fees may apply. 


Paid tuition includes an 10-Class Aerial Yoga Pack Activates with full tuition.


Anyone may apply. However space is highly limited — preference will be given to Certified Yoga Instructors.

Those with a background in yoga, aerial, dance or movement are especially encouraged to apply.


Om Factory School of Yoga's 50 Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program (OFSY AYTT) is a six-day course developed over the past several years through the collaboration of Om Factory's Aerial Yoga Teaching Faculty. The program is intended to teach Certified Yoga Teachers the necessary tools to teach safe, intelligent and dynamic Aerial Yoga classes. Dedicated students looking to deepen their knowledge and take their practice to a new level are also welcome to participate in the training. Upon satisfying all graduation requirements, trainees are encouraged to continue their study at Om Factory with an additional 50 hour-long Apprenticeship; this program builds a bridge from the training intensive towards actualizing skills and beginning to teach classes.


Om Factory's particular style of Aerial Yoga was and continues to be developed by its teaching community and dedicated students. It is heavily rooted in and inspired by a traditional yoga practice. Despite the eye-catching glitz of circus-inspired acrobatics, yoga is our meat and potatoes; circus is dessert.


OFSY AYTT is always led by two lead instructors with the support of two-to-three additional guest teachers from our Core Faculty. The intention is to introduce participants to a multitude of different perspectives and teaching styles. We are not interested in producing clones of our Core Faculty; rather, we aim to empower trainees to find their own unique methodology.



• A thorough understanding of Aerial Yoga safety, alignment, embodied anatomy, modifications, hands-on assists, transitions and more. 

• Everything you need to know to safely guide students through beginning and advanced-level Aerial Yoga classes.

• Exclusive 300-page OFSY Aerial Yoga training manual. A comprehensive resource including over 160 Aerial Yoga & Cirque poses, anatomy & teaching skills sections, and much more.

• OFSY Mellow Flow supplementary training manual.

• Online video library access. Includes videos that break down basic & advanced Aerial Yoga acrobatics.

• Sample Sequences to inspire new Aerial Yoga instructors.

• Certificate of Completion from OFSY Aerial Teacher Training.

• 10-Class Pack: Valid for 8 Aerial Yoga classes and 2 Aerial Mellow Flow classes at Om Factory’s two NYC locations.


• Attendance of all 50 in-class hours of training

• Completion of in-class and take-home assignments

• Adequate demonstration of knowledge in all areas of Aerial Yoga, as determined by AYTT faculty

• Passing grades on both written and practical exams

• Submission of four final projects within two weeks of completing the training.


OFSY AYTT Graduates Guiding Principles:

• A sincere devotion to safety

• A thorough understanding of human anatomy,

especially in the way it relates to the aerial hammock

• An interest in supporting students at all levels of experience

• A deep knowledge of yoga poses and the ways in which they are altered by communion with an aerial hammock

training modules include:


Aerial Asana:  Poses, Modifications & Contraindications

Embodied Aerial Anatomy:  How the aerial hammock supports the body, with special emphasis on the shoulders, hips & spine

Principles of Aerial Alignment:  Aerial terminology and the basics of how the hammock interacts with your body

Philosophy of Flight:  Ways to infuse classical yogic teachings into an Aerial Yoga class

Sequencing 101:  A guide to creating safe, fun and inspiring Aerial Yoga classes

Mellow Flow:  Om Factory’s signature introspective, restorative offering

Rigging & Safety:  The nuts & bolts of safely taking the practice off the ground

The Art of Adjustments:  The means to support your students with both your voice and your body

Fall Dates

Two Weekend Course: Friday 11/10 - Sunday 11/13 & Friday 11/17 - Sunday 11/19

Schedule: Friday -Sunday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM each day

Aerial Yoga TT Core Faculty: Kevin Bigger, Kristin Corayer & Kristina Cubrilo.

lead Instructors

Kristina Cubrilo
Kristina Cubrilo
Kevin Bigger
Kevin Bigger
Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald

Guest Instructors

Kristin Corayer
Kristin Corayer
Janie Prince
Janie Prince

If you have specific questions about Aerial Teacher Training, please contact us!