Om Factory offers a wide range of dynamic Aerial Yoga, Circus, and mat-based classes. 

Get your blood flowing, bliss out, discover your inner acrobat... we have classes for all levels. 

Try something new. You’ll be surprised by what you can do!

Aerial Yoga  |  Circus  |  Aerial Dance  |  Circus Conditioning  |  Vinyasa  |   AcroYoga  |  Bungee  |  Kids

Combine classical asana postures with aerial acrobatics and voilá — Aerial Yoga. You'll be surprised by what you can do!

Aerial Dance combines strength & elegance bringing

more grace & creativity to your aerial practice.

Ever wanted to join the circus? Get one step closer with Aerial Circus! Classes include Silks, Lyra, Hammock & more. 

Pull off "impossible" aerial tricks, with the strength & technique developed through ongoing Circus Conditioning practice.

Vinyasa merges movement & breath, warming the body so you can move deeper into postures, and into your own practice. 

Kids Aerial & Yoga lets your little ones swing like a monkey and expend lots of pent-up energy while learning to fly. Ages 6-14.

AcroYoga® is a unique blend of traditional yoga, Thai massage, and acrobatics that cultivates trust, connection & playfulness. 

Bungee Om Factory Aerial Circus Class

Add more flight & fun to your life as you bounce, levitate, and

soar through the air in a Bungee class at Om Factory

”The yoga rooms are clean and peaceful. And the staff is friendly. I love that Om Factory offers such a variety of classes for all levels and styles of yoga.”

Lesley K., Brooklyn, New York