Cool It!

By: Mary Aranas 

As the summer sizzles, and city and world temperatures seem to soar too, it is such a respite to be able to “retreat” to the sanctuary of our yoga mat, our hammock, our meditation cushion, our handstand, our flying silk, or our AcroYoga partner practice.


We are grateful to refresh our heart and soul, strengthen our body, and restore our resilience to face the world’s challenges and adventures.  We are aware that not everyone in the world has the resources or the physical opportunity to have the practice we enjoy.


And so we come to our practice with a renewed humbleness and thankfulness each time we do so.  Perhaps we dedicate our practice to those in need of peace in their life.  In need of freedom.  In need of sanctuary from the burning heat that life can blaze.  Can we, sweet yogis, be a cool coconut ice for our city, in our world?  



In this, Om Factory’s 10th Anniversary year, I am delighted to realize that November 2016 marks my 9th anniversary with Om Factory and AcroYoga.  It feels like yesterday that I saw an online ad for a partner Yoga workshop, and had my first experience with both AcroYoga and Om Factory on the same evening, in November 2007.


It was a magical, transformative evening!  Though I was teaching Yoga full-time for 5 years by that time, I began attending AcroYoga classes here, then more classes, parties and kirtans when I became a karma yogi to sign students in.  Soon I persuaded Fara Marz to buy bolsters, and I began teaching Om Factory’s first Restorative and Flow & Restore classes.  The following year, being AcroYoga certified, I began teaching AcroYoga at Om Factory in September of 2008.  Eight years later, I am so grateful to lead a team of fantastic AcroYoga teachers, all of whom are great Yoga teachers, too, at our Om Factory home for AcroYoga in New York City!  And to get to take Vinyasa, Aerial, Yoga Tune-Up and more at our hOMe!


We have seen so much excitement, change and growth at Om Factory in eight years.  I am as lovingly grateful for having found this home, and getting to practice and learn, teach and schmooze with you all, as I ever have been, no, probably even more.


I have attended Om Factory parties, kirtans, classes, workshops, retreats; book clubs, clothing swaps, and yoga brunches!  I have led a Fire Island retreat, performed at anniversary parties, wined and dined, and danced with fellow students and teachers!  I have demo-flown and demo-based in traffic and street squares, in Om Factory T-shirts and tank tops.  I watched our first Om Factory hammocks and silks go up.  I saw Flight School at Union Square built, and I prepped, taught, and moved floors with it when we moved.



So, what about it, family? It’s sizzling out there, in the city, in the streets, in the world.  Can we manufacture some yummy cool Om right here, in the heart of New York City?  

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