It’s always there

It’s a never-ending cycle. This adult life we are meant to live rarely comes with detailed instructions. I wish someone would just tell me how to solve the puzzle, but those instructions never show up in my inbox. Rather, we journey through each experience with our heads held high or rolling through the mud complaining the entire way. This pattern of change in my life is a continuous constant. The roller coaster ride will keep going. I know I will become stronger and the ride just might get easier.

When my life starts to fall apart, the first thing to go is my yoga practice. It was easy to let go of, deem it disposable, and brush it off as unimportant. But as the years go by, I find my yoga practice to be the most dependable constant; always patiently waiting for me to return. I always imagine my inner yogi high-fiving myself when I dive back into practice. Most importantly, it awaited my return without judgment; every time welcoming me to jump in and let me go of wherever I wanted to go.

Yoga creates the space that we need, especially in times of chaos. Yoga provides movement through asana to create space in our body. It provides techniques for meditation to discover space in the mind. It stimulates our soul by allowing space for a spiritual practice to evolve.

All these types of space construct the possibility of trusting and relying on my own practice. I like to say that yoga keeps me sane. What I really mean is that it lets me slow down and breathe; making space to deal with whatever shows up in my path. I am able to be comfortable with the uncomfortable; to let the world around me fall apart and be okay with it because I will always have myself and my practice. For all of these reasons, no matter how busy life gets, I make sure to make time and space for my yoga practice.

Life will always prove unpredictable, but your yoga practice is just that… yours. No one can take it from you, it’s always there.


By Kelly Jo Reuter