Can you read the signs?


My practice needed a kick and holy cow did it get one. Traveling over 11,000 miles to roam southern India with an exquisite group of international yogis was so special. Little did I realize before I left just how rich visiting temples and traveling among the people could be to understanding what happens on the mat. Coupled with the gorgeous sweaty cycles of asana every day in our little traveling ashram of 11, I’m feeling something new inside.

The whole trip was yoga. Wrapped in color, spice, and heat, with jasmine in our hair and nibbles of the Tamil language on our tongues. Days were spent immersed in a world of Hindu philosophy whose manifestations permeate every last turn from the dark buzzing depths of crowded ancient temples to the iconography decalled on the speediest of zigzagging busses. Long asana practices followed by plenty of time together to continue discussions about poses, mantras, kirtan, meditation, history, and religion was truly immersive.

My favorite book is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book is a tale about a man who walks away from his safe life in pursuit of a treasure. This man goes on an adventure and encounters both pain and joy along the way but there is also an underlying message throughout the book. The main characters is experiencing different things, but is also learning to read the signs of the universe. When I first read the book, I thought that the idea of messages from the universe was a nice idea but I didn’t have the experience of seeing signs myself until I accepted my own personal adventure.

In the shamanic tradition, before one becomes a spiritual journeyer he or she must experience a symbolic death and rebirth. In my case the death came in the form of a collapse of a long-term relationship, a career that made me feel like I was loosing my soul and the urgent desire to do something different. Once I started taking steps toward a new path something opened up in me and I started seeing signs.

It started with butterflies. I remember that there was a period of a month or two in which I was seeing butterflies everywhere. I would go for a walk by the beach where I lived and they would surround me. I would walk to work and see them on the sidewalk in Manhattan or even fly across the window while I was in a meeting on the 14th floor of a high-rise building. I was seeing butterflies in the most unusual places and situations but didn’t think much of it until one day I decided to ask Google about it. I finally discovered that I was surrounded by a symbol of transformation.

As I continued on my journey, more symbols started coming my way. I started seeing unique number combinations. I would see numbers like 111, 444, 222, and 333 everywhere I went. When these numbers were appearing on the clock when I looked at it or on every address of every building that caught my eye or on my receipts, I just thought it was a cool coincidence and didn’t give it attention. I started realizing that this could be more than just a coincidence when I started waking up in the middle of the night and the clock in front of my bed would say 4:44. I probably woke up at 4:44am for 7 nights in a row until I decided to visit Google again and ask if it was a thing. To my surprise, it was! People were even blogging about this!

According to what I read, the number combinations are messages from angels. It is how angels communicate with us and guide us to our highest purpose in life. Every number combination has a different meaning. Whenever someone receives a message, they should stop for a second and be thankful that the angels are guiding them and listen to what they have to say. Personally, I am not sure I believe in angels… however these signs had to get a whole lot louder for me to finally see them. I have made these signs an extension of my yoga practice. They are constant reminders for me to pause, reconnect with the current moment and be mindful of my thoughts.

As the signs entered my life, I was very curious about what each of them meant. I couldn’t find one source that had them all in a quick an easy way to reference so I created a cheat sheet that I would like to share. You may have also embarked on an adventure and are seeing signs in your life. Your signs could be in the form of numbers, animals, objects, or even people and like me you may be too caught up with other things to pick up on them. My hope is that once you read this post and have this cheat sheet, you will stop and think about the messages in your life so you can understand them and be guided to your highest self and purpose.

Cheat sheet:

111/1111 – Check in with your thoughts. Are you pessimistic or optimistic? What you are thinking right now can become reality.

222 – Whatever you are thinking right now is aligned with the truth. Take action.

333 – Bring body, mind and spirit into alignment.

444 – Angels have your back and they are protecting you

555 – Energy of change

666 – You are focusing on the material world instead of the spiritual. Check in to see if your thinking is positive.

777 – A big hug from the universe. It is ok to let fears go and release into healing.

888 – thoughts and actions are in harmony. It is a sign that you are on the right path.

999 - Completion of a passage of time. It is time for your next lesson.

Irina Gaister is a yoga teacher and health coach who lives in New Jersey. Her training in Reconnective Healing, munay ki rites, and Reiki gives her a strong connection to the energy system while her Health Coaching degree from Integrative Nutrition and career in financial services keeps her grounded. Her workshops incorporate her experience and understanding of the mystical with a down to earth practical approach. She will be teaching a community workshop at OM Factory on November 15 titled Shamanic Reiki and Movement.

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By Irina Gaister