Suki Clements

Suki's yoga journey began in college while studying as a dance major at UC Santa Barbara. She found a local studio off campus and started to feel the relief of the ever competitive and rigorous structure and demands of her major. Yoga was a space with no judgement, no 'proving" oneself, no one in the room even knew her. Fast forward to moving to NYC in 2012 Suki found herself in the Laughing Lotus Community, once again a space in which she could let every audition rejection and 'no' fade away. 


She received her 200 hour in 2013 at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and has since completed additional certifications in Ayurveda, Restorative, AromaTouch Technique, and was also a personal trainer from 2015-2017. She has experience teaching in studios (Om Factory, New York Yoga, Fithouse, Yoga Room), fitness centers (Crunch Gyms, Slope Fitness, Boom Fitness etc), corporate offices (Tiffany & Co, JetBlue, eBay!, YouTube, SONY, NBC, etc), private homes and public events (Martha's Vinyard, Summer Solstice Times Square, Intrepid on the Ship etc). Her deep understanding and awareness as a professional dancer and teacher of the mind body connection allows her to create a safe, challenging, and rewarding space. She is able to facilitate the growth of her students through physically challenging and creative asana, an invigorating playlist, and attention to breathwork and alignment. 


She believes that when we can be intentional with our practice on and off the mat, we can then dig deeper into our 'truest self'. That being said, Suki also feels the practice of yoga is full of playful moments and curiosity, falling and getting back up, and is always encouraging students to have a good time and not take the practice too seriously! 


Certification: 200-Hour Yoga Certification, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center

Instagram: @sukiclements