Petra Lee Ghin

Petra is an avid martial artist who regularly trains in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Boxing that walked into a Budokon yoga class five years ago and never looked back.  One of her favorite training spots is in Madison Square Park with her coach. Petra is the Assistant Director of Budokon NYC and travels to Miami, Montreal and London to teach and train. She is the organizer of all Budokon events in NYC. Petra wants to encourage people from all backgrounds to find strength and flexibility through movement. She promotes a practice that is constantly challenging you to become the best version of you.

Her yoga studies began under the tutelage of Cameron Shayne, the founder of Mixed Movement, and obtained her first 200YTT in Budokon yoga.  What interested her is the continuous circular rotation on the transitional movement. She found healing in a practice which combines both yoga and martial arts. While both disciplines seem totally opposite, they combine seamlessly to give you a rich practice that is both sweet and strong. This balance of yoga and martial arts has shown her what a person can do when their body and spirit is in alignment.


Petra obtained her second 200YTT under the Kula Yoga Project with her teachers Nikki Vilella, Nikki Costello, Erin Dudley and Alex Auder.  It opened up a whole new world of Mind, Body and Spirit.  It is here that she learned to apply anatomy and alignment to further refine her practice.


It is with Alison West that Petra continued her education with props and completed a course in Chair and Yoga. Since she realized that many people have injuries and misalignments that limit their movement and cause them pain. It is with the use of chairs, blocks, straps and belts that many discover a new practice and do vinyasa that they could not attempt before.


Petra is excited to teach at Om Factory where she discovered what a yoga mat is…..all roads lead to home.