Hannah has been movin’ & groovin’ since day one. As a singer, dancer, and theatre artist, performance opportunities have taken her all over the world. She’s performed on cruise ships, at army bases in the Middle East, as well as on professional football fields as an NFL cheerleader (go panthers!) Hannah began her aerial studies at the Wired Aerial Theatre in Liverpool, while studying abroad in the UK. There, she practiced silks, Lyra, and fell madly in love with the company’s Bungee-Assisted Dance technique. Hannah likes to use bungee as a way to push the boundaries of traditional grounded dance. The apparatus allows the performer to explore an entirely new dimension, using the push and pull of the bungee to explore an endless array of movements, dynamics, and heights. Hannah is excited to share and endlessly experiment these possibilities with experienced movers and novices alike.


Instagram: @hannahgreyhustad


Circus Bungee 1  /  Mondays 7:30 - 8:45pm  Sign Up!