Tameka Goulbourne

Tameka began her yoga journey as a teenager when her West African dance teacher introduced asana as a warm up. Years later, she rediscovered yoga at OM Factory while in search of a new happy place. Finding that place in yoga, Tameka fed her growing fascination with this moving meditation. As her appreciation of yoga expanded beyond the physical, so did her integration of the breath as a way to unite her physical, mental and emotional bodies.  


Tameka proudly received her teaching certification from OFSY's 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program. She has also studied Thai Bodywork with Adam Rinder at OM Factory,Introduction to Yin and Restorative with Kirsten Trued at OM Factory, Anatomy of Yoga with Zach Dacuk at Kula Yoga Project, Qi Gong with Master Wong at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Yin Yoga with Corina Benner at Integral Yoga Institute, Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky at YogaWorks, and Speech-Language Pathology at Brooklyn College.


Tameka strives to share the beauty she finds in her practice. Together, she and her students explore conscious embodiment of asana, empowerment in strength and vulnerability, and the breath as an internal roadmap on the journey to self-expression.