Mauricio Nunez

Mauricio Nunez wandered into Omfactory one day in the spring of 2012 and promptly forgot to leave. He found an empty chair and settled in behind a desk, an unused laptop awaiting him. A sudden swell of strangers were upon him, eager to present their name and class preference. Through sheer luck and circumstance, everything fell into place; students directed, transactions managed, doors opened on time, and outside the world kept turning. Over time Mauricio discovered an affinity for the Aerial Arts, attracted to grace and fluidity combined with challenge and perceived impossibilities.


He has trained at SKYBOX, Circus Warehouse, the Muse Brooklyn, and Aerial Arts NYC, under the tutelage of esteemed instructors such as Anya Sapazhnikova and Jan Manke. With a preference for Corde Lisse and Aerial Straps, Mauricio continues to push himself to greater heights, emphasizing the importance of conditioning and maintaining form and composure.