Emily discovered aerial arts in 2010, and it only took her two classes to be seduced by the silks. Aerial arts didn’t just flip her upside down: it flipped how she saw herself upside down. Having managed to fail gym in junior high, she had never seen herself as athletic, or physically capable, but the silks changed all that. She loves the power of aerial arts to change your perspective, and challenge your pre-conceived notions of what you’re capable of. Through OFSY's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, workshops, and an ongoing apprenticeship with Megan Hornaday, Emily gained the skills necessary to share aerial arts with a new generation of aspiring aerialists.


Emily draws on her background as a yoga instructor to safely guide students into the air, focusing on building body awareness, and self-trust. Students find themselves challenged to push beyond their comfort zone, and thoroughly supported in making that leap. She supports students both emotionally, with an open heart, and infectious joy, and physically, through spotting techniques honed through her work with Megan Hornaday, and a workshop with Laura Witwer. Emily loves working with beginner students, and encouraging them through the special challenges that accompany the early days of aerial training. She helps them establish good habits that will yield safe, healthy, and beautiful progress in the months and years to come.