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Date / Time / Location:

Saturday, September 29, 2018

9am - 12pm & 1:30 - 6:30pm

Fashion District


Instructor:  Kristina Cubrilo Santos

Cost: $185 / $150 before 8/15

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Level: Beginner / Advanced Beginner

sweet & Spicy

Aerial Hammock Cirque & Conditioning Immersion

Learn to navigate the intricacies of aerial hammock in this unique 8-hour immersion that blends modern acrobatics with an eastern tradition of Qigong & partner massage.


Start the day with Qigong breath and movement before taking flight, to ground ourselves and center the mind. Qigong is a form of Chinese meditation & healing art that has been used by Eastern masters for thousands of years to help enhance the mind and body, and find inner peace. We will then move on to specific conditioning exercises with the fabric, designed to assist in performance of the Cirque elements.


Correct technique and proper form will be emphasized throughout the immersion to create good habits that will last. Partner spotting will be sprinkled throughout the day which will help students perform more challenging elements. Conditioning components we will focus on are pull-ups, straddle inversions, skin-the-cat, meat hooks and more. The spicy elements of Cirque will be intelligently woven into the day, progressively building in difficulty.


At the end of the day we will partner up for a sweet one-hour massage. Partners will take turns using techniques based on an integrative method of massage, combining elements of eastern and western traditions. 


Pre-Requisites:  5+ Aerial Yoga classes of any level & style. 


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Kristina Cubrilo Santos is a very passionate teacher that intelligently blends several traditions into her classes and workshops. She has been training on the Aerial hammock apparatus since 2010, and started teaching it in 2012. She is also one of the co-creators of the Om Factory Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Her background spans from martial arts and yoga to circus arts, and over the past five years she’s extensively studied Qigong with various masters in NY. She holds a license in massage therapy in the state of NY, and is currently studying for her Boards exams for a license in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


Follow her on Instagram to see what she’s up to these days: @taodharma

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