Dive into a new skill or take time to master poses you've worked on for years.

Intensives offer a full day or entire weekend to engage deeply with your practice. 

Date / Time / Location:

February 15 - 18, 2019

Friday - Monday, 9am - 5pm daily

Fashion District



Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku



4 days: $410 / $360 by 1/15 

3 days: $350 / $300 by 1/15

Weekend: $270 / $220 by 1/15

1 day: $150 / $130 by 1/15

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Level: Advanced Beginner & UP!!

Acroyoga montreal

4-Day Intensive

Come and join Jessie & Eugene, founders of AcroYoga Montreal, when they come for the 1st time to New York! In this 4-Day Intensive, the essential building blocks of AcroYoga Montreal style will be covered. We will refresh classic techniques, explore new AcroYoga material along with Montréal signature moves, investigate the creative process, practice yoga, dance, play games and (of course) Bomb the Core!!! This is a multi-level training so expect to work at full capacity, in safety. Come prepared for challenge and “Big FUN." A teaching team since 1982, this senior married couple connects the dots between mind, body, breath relationships and life.


Daily Schedule:

9am:     Meditation, Yoga, Floor Rolls, Long Holds

10am:   Montreal Flow (3-4 minute excerpt of a longer flow taught each day)

11am:   AcroYoga Technique 1: Classic AcroYoga, Spotting Essentials,

             Stability Training, Drills, and Silent Jam

12pm:   Lunch, Rest, Socialize, ½ Hour Restorative Yoga

2pm:     Dance, Games, Rotation Nation

3pm:     AcroYoga Technique 2, AYM Combos

4pm:     Creative Process (lottery flow), Bomb the Core, Bonus Stretch 


AcroYoga Montreal Philosophy:

It is the sharing of self that touches the student’s heart and fosters understanding and a desire for growth within both student and teacher. Knowing our place in the world only happens when we know our world. At AcroYoga Montreal there is no separation of AcroYoga, yoga, and reality. To live apart from this world is not the goal but to transform ourselves and our societies rooted in a deep understanding of the social, political and economic systems & institutions we engage in on a daily basis.



This is a multi-level workshop, however all participants should have a body of experience in yoga, AcroYoga, dance, martial arts, or another similar discipline. We will refresh fundamentals, but this intensive is not recommend for absolute beginners.

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Eugene Poku is a long time yoga / AcroYoga Teacher who both respects tradition and utilizes intuition—something he applies to his teaching as well as to his personal practice and throughout his life. After 30 years as a professional dancer Eugene went on to become co-founder & co-director of Ashtanga Yoga Montreal (from 2004-2016) and co-founder of AcroYoga Montreal (since 2000). Eugene’s compassionate yet direct style of teaching is inspired from his 40-plus years of experience and skill in dance, acro inspired movement and martial arts.

After 30 years as a professional dancer, Jessie Goldberg became one of the founders and directors of AcroYoga Montreal (since 2000) plus founder and former director at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal (2004-2016). Jessie Goldberg is a Yoga/AcroYoga practitioner and instructor, householder and mother of 3 charming offsprings. She has a down to Earth and inclusive teaching style that embraces human reciprocity and the cultivation of a personal movement vocabulary.

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