Release and relax. Compliment your practice with a Restorative Yoga class. All levels are welcome!

restorative yoga

Have you ever wanted to stay longer in savasana? This class journeys deep into supported postures with pranayama techniques and meditation. Restorative yoga is a delicious surrender into quiet, soothing postures that incorporate bolsters & blankets.


With the support of props, students can achieve poses without muscular strength, facilitating release & relaxation that will calm the nervous system and coax away built-up tension. A slow-moving yoga practice helps relieve the effects of chronic stress, and each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in every direction to lubricate it and promote a healthy back. Enjoy nurturing hands-on assists that move you towards a peaceful replenishment of body & spirit.


Restorative yoga is a wonderful complement to any level of practice and is an excellent place for new students to begin. All levels welcome.

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Helene Kerherve
Helene Kerherve