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Advanced acrobatics, including handstands and aerial tricks, can’t be learned in a single class. To pull off the seemingly impossible, strength and technique must be gained through ongoing practice. In Circus Conditioning classes, students of all levels, from complete beginners to professional performance artists, can build the foundation necessary for hand balancing, tumbling, and aerial arts.


Handstands classes provides the tools to improve alignment and build better body awareness. Looking to gain confidence to train aerial silks or trapeze? Become stronger and more flexible with Aerial Fit to Fly. Ready to push your aerial act to the next level with perfect planches and meat hooks? Condition on multiple apparatuses in Aerial Circus Playground.


A perfect stepping stone from a regular yoga practice or general fitness foundation to acrobatic arts. Circus Conditioning classes are included in all Om Factory memberships & class packs.



Fit to Fly is an Aerial Hammock conditioning class designed to get you into great shape, and prepare you for more advanced Aerial Yoga and Circus classes offered at Om Factory. Expect a full body workout, with an emphasis on upper body and core strength as they apply to aerial practices.


Each class will include 45 minutes of circuit training and 10-15 minutes of stretching at the end. We combine weekly set exercises with new, unexpected exercises to strengthen different muscle groups and allow for faster progress. We encourage you to take class twice a week for at least a month in order to see the best results.

Note: We recommend that students with recent shoulder or wrist injuries get clearance from their doctor or physical therapist before participating.



  • One Aerial Yoga Level 1 class is recommended prior to attending Fit to Fly.


During our hour-long Aerial Circus Playground 101, you'll be able to try out a few of Om Factory’s popular Skybox Apparatuses. We will explore beginner moves for Silks, Lyra, Trapeze and more!


Learn to enjoy upper body conditioning as you swing through the air with the greatest of ease on trapeze. Work your obliques into oblivion learning how to spin a Lyra. Let the silks be your new thigh master as you find ways to strengthen and tone those legs.  No circus class is complete without basic warm ups that will include balance, dance and tumbling influences.



  • None!  Bring your good attitude and come willing to sweat!  This class will be a fitness challenge, so come ready to work!



Are you ready to progress to the next level of aerial fitness?  In Aerial Circus Playground 2, classes will not only include multiple aerial apparatus work, but will also focus on ground conditioning.  Sequences will be taught to help students improve on both their floor and aerial inversions.  The lesson plan for this class changes weekly, so although not required, weekly attendance is encouraged to promote progressive learning.  However, drop-ins are also welcome!


Aerial Circus 1 Prerequisites:

  • Must have taken 3-5 101 classes, such as Silks, Rope, Lyra, or Aerial Circus Playground 101, or…
  • Have permission from the instructor to attend.

Aerial Circus 2 Prerequisites:

  • Must have taken at least 5 Handstands 101 or 102 classes, or 5 Skybox Level 1 and up classes, or...
  • Be a Level 2 aerial circus or aerial yoga student, or…
  • Be able to complete 1 full pull up, 5 full pushups, and know how to invert in the air on at least 1 aerial circus apparatus, and have permission from the instructor.

HANDSTANDS / 101 & 102

Conquer your fears of being upside-down in this class, which focuses on building core strength and understanding the many aspects of proper handstand technique. Whether you have never attempted a handstand, are working your way up from a steady headstand practice, or have been walking on your hands for years, you will gain insight into how to improve your handstands.


Exercises are made safe for all levels using crash mats, partner spotting, and the wall. Each classes offers new methods to boost confidence in bearing bodyweight, tumbling out of a handstand, and engaging the core to gain stability.


This class is beneficial for intermediate to advanced yogis,
AcroYoga enthusiasts, and acrobats of all shapes & sizes.


Flexiblity 101

We know the challenge of holding deep and thorough stretches for an appropriate time can be an enormous one.  In Flexibility 101, you'll learn to properly and safely stretch with attention to individual students' needs.  This 75 minute long class will benefit recreational learners as much as professional athletes, and students as much as teachers. 


Flexibility 101 consists of a high intensity 15 minute warm up, 45 minutes of focused flexibility work, and will be concluded by a 15 minute cool down to ease your muscles.


No previous experience necessary.

meet the teachers

Dana Abrassart
Dana Abrassart
Kristina Cubrilo
Kristina Cubrilo
Mauricio Nunez
Mauricio Nunez
Jan Manke
Jan Manke
Sylvana Tapia
Sylvana Tapia
Liz Minnick
Liz Minnick