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LEVEL 1 - basics

No matter your level of experience in traditional yoga, aerial dance, modern dance, or cheerleading camp, if you’ve never taken an Aerial Yoga class before, please start with LEVEL 1! Level 1 classes are designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of an Aerial Yoga practice. Students will learn how to balance using the fabric as support, flip in the air, and position the hammock in the right spot to not lose their lunch in down dog. This class also helps students gain body awareness and comfort in supported inversions. 


Aerial Yoga LEVEL 1 is recommended for students who:

  • Have taken 3 or fewer Aerial Yoga classes
  • Have little, or no experience doing mat-based yoga
  • Wish to build basic strength & flexibility during
    slow-moving, alignment-oriented flow
  • Are not familiar with terms like “Front Hip Lean” or “Upper Back Lean."

LEVEL 2 - intermediate

So, you’ve mastered the basics, conquered your fear of inverting in the hammock, and no longer freeze when told to double-hook your knee through your fabric? Awesome! You are probably ready for some LEVEL 2 action. LEVEL 2 students learn how to use the hammock for acrobatic-style balancing and beginner flips & tricks. Expect to be challenged to build all-around strength and increase flexibility.


Aerial Yoga LEVEL 2 is recommended for students who:

  • Have taken 3–5 Aerial Yoga classes in the last two months
  • Feel confident & secure in an Aerial Yoga Foundations class
  • Wish to build strength & endurance while exploring
    intermediate asanas & aerial elements
  • May not have mastered every Aerial Yoga move, but are
    ready & willing to push beyond their comfort zones.

LEVEL 3 - advanced

When going upside down feels like a regular day to you, Level 2 tricks feel basic,
and you know your favorite variations with your eyes closed, you need to up the ante. LEVEL 3 is the class for you! Come ready to challenge your flexibility, strength, sequencing, transitions and cirque tricks to the max. Remember when your feet were on the floor all of the time? Those days are past! Prepare to expand your physical & mental horizons and wind down into the most well deserved savasana you can imagine.


Aerial Yoga LEVEL 3 is recommended for students who:

  • Have completed at least 7 Aerial Yoga LEVEL 2 classes
  • Are able to invert in the air
  • Are able to easily perform L-shaped handstands,
  • Are able to do pull ups (without feet) 

Instructor permission is needed to waive these requirements.


This specialty Aerial Yoga Core class ignites your core and challenges every
student to get strong and find balance within the body & mind — while balancing in the hammock! Expect to acquaint yourself with muscles you never knew you had and leave invigorated and walking tall. This empowering class is LEVEL 1 but options will be offered as your strength & confidence in the hammock grow. With this class, you can have your cake and eat it too!


All levels welcome. 


The following conditions are contraindicated for this class: 

Recent spinal injuries / surgeries, Hernias, Recent vertebral disc herniations,
Recent wrist & shoulder injuries / surgeries



Come take this aerial vinyasa-based yoga class to find a flow with your hammock, breath, body & mind. Not sure if you're ready to go with the flow? Think of it as a meet & greet with your hammock and yourself — they'll both be there for all 75 minutes. This class progresses from a grounded warmup to sequencing designed to connect the dots from up to down, in to out, through and beyond the hammock strengthening your asanas, endurance, and transitions with grace. Come flow with us!


Aerial Yoga Flow is recommended for students who:

  • Have prior experience with Aerial Yoga (at least two Level 1 classes)
    and / or other aerial hammock / silks experience. 
  • Some familiarity with basic yoga poses. 


You focused, you meditated and you already Om-ed this week. It's time for a change of pace. Get ready to move to fun music and explore tricks, rolls, and flips while soaring through creative sequencing. This class offers time for play, exploration, and finding your own groove with your hammock while still challenging your body and mind.


Come party with us in the air!


Aerial Yoga Blast is recommended for students who:

  • Have taken at least two LEVEL 1 Aerial Yoga classes.

aerial DANCE

In Aerial Dance students learn to use aerial fabric to create elegant shapes and beautiful inversions from yoga inspired poses to choreographed dance sequencing. Each class starts with a warm-up emphasizing strength, flexibility & alignment, and will continue by introducing elements of progressive choreography with the hammock.


Appropriate for students looking to increase strength by working in & out of the fabric, for dancers looking to incorporate new skills into their repertoire, and seasoned aerialists wishing to add more grace into their craft. Drop-ins are welcome. 


Open Level is recommended for students who:

  • Have previous experience with Aerial Yoga (at least two LEVEL 1 classes) 
  • Or have previous experience with Aerial Silks.

Level 1 Prerequisites:

  • Students must have attended at least (1) Aerial Yoga or Aerial Cirque class prior to taking Aerial Dance.

Level 2 Prerequisites:

  • Have taken 5+ Aerial Yoga classes in the last two months
  • Practice aerial acrobatics and have experience with hammock or cloud swing
  • Are ready to build advanced strength
  • Are interested in exploring more challenging fluid and dynamic movement in and out the apparatus

Level 3 Prerequisites:

  • At least 7 Aerial Yoga LEVEL 2 classes
  • Must be able to invert in the air
  • Able to easily perform L-shaped handstands,
  • Pull ups (without feet)

Instructor permission is needed to waive these requirements.

Aerial ballet - OPEN LEVEL

In Aerial Ballet students learn to use aerial fabric to create elegant shapes and beautiful sequencing inspired by classical and contemporary balletic choreography.

Each class will start with a traditional ballet barre using hammocks and then move into the air with a choreographed balletic hammock sequence. Focusing on lines, flexibility, strength, and grace, we will learn to incorporate balletic technique that supports and translates into your aerial work on any apparatus.


Appropriate for students looking to increase strength by working in and out of the fabric, for dancers looking to incorporate new skills into their repertoire, and seasoned aerialists wishing to add more grace into their craft. No prior ballet experience necessary.


Drop-ins welcome.


Pre-Requisites: Students must be familiar with inverting in the hammock.


Aerial Mellow Flow is a restorative style of class designed for students of all levels who are looking to slow down their practice and use the Aerial fabric closer to the ground. If you've tried a few Aerial Yoga classes and you love them but could do without all those pull-ups and planks, or you've never actually touched an aerial fabric but you dream of floating upside down this class is for you.

We'll warm-up and stretch both in and out of the fabric before we spend some quality time upside down to rejuvenate the body, rehydrate the spine and bring blood to the brain. The rest of class focusses on using the fabric to work out the kinks in all those hard to reach areas of tension in the legs, pelvis and spinal column. At the end of class, expect a long, loving savasana, before we turn you back upright and send you off completely refreshed and ready to conquer your week.


Aerial Yoga Mellow Flow is recommended for students of all levels.


These $10 Aerial Yoga Community classes are taught by recent graduates of Om Factory's Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program. Join these new teachers as they take flight.


Aerial Yoga Community classes are recommended for students who:

  • Have taken 0-3 Aerial Yoga classes 

  • Have little or no experience doing mat-based yoga

  • All levels are welcome.

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