This dynamic practice will ignite & excite the body through intense sequencing and deep breathing.

Try something new, students at any level in their practice are encourage to join!

WHAT IS forrest yoga?

75-90 minutes

Forrest Yoga®, created by master yogini Ana Forrest, is a deep inspiring practice that balances active sequences and sustained poses to build both strength & flexibility in the body. Each class focuses on specific areas & issues, giving special attention to alignment and taking care of oneself. Deep breathing and abdominal exercises work to fortify the core, helping students go deeper into poses, and feel sensations that often go unnoticed. Pose modifications and hands-on assistance are given to tailor poses to meet individual students’ needs. This is a great practice for clearing toxins from the system, learning to work with injuries, stabilizing muscles, relaxing the mind, and energizing the spirit.


Classes are heated to 80-85 degrees.

All bodies & all levels are welcome.



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Heidi Sormaz & Cat Allen while they're at Om Factory!

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