Whether you're a total newbie, or a seasoned practitioner Om Factory has something for you.

As part of our community you'll choose from a wide array of classes, workshops & trainings for every level. Give us a try and discover a whole new kind of yoga studio. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

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New Student Unlimited includes all Aerial, Acro & Vinyasa classes, but excludes Circus classes & Guest Passes. All intro offers are one-time only. 

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new to aerial yoga?

Om Factory's Aerial program includes Aerial Yoga classes for ALL levels.

If you're new to the fabric, start with a BASICS class!


Level 1 / Basics Classes:

• Designed to familiarize students with the building blocks of Aerial Yoga.

• New Aerial Yoga students must attend at least three LEVEL1 classes

  before moving up to an intermediate-level class. 


Other Beginner-Friendly Classes:

• Aerial Mellow Flow


new to circus?

Om Factory's Circus program introduces students to aerial arts in a SAFE and supportive environment. If you are new to Circus start with "101"!


Circus Basics Classes & Workshops:

• Start with an Aerial Circus 101 class.

• Or try a SILKS 101 or LYRA 101 Workshop.

• New Circus students must attend at least 3 Circus Playground classes

  before moving up to open-level Circus classes.


new to acroyoga?

Om Factory's AcroYoga program elevates human relationships through movement, connection, and play in a SAFE & supportive environment, open to ALL levels.


Beginner-Friendly Classes & Workshops:

• AcroYoga Flow 1/2

• AcroYoga 101 workshop


new to yoga?

Om Factory is a safe space for students who are brand new to yoga, as well as those who wish to explore a new style of practice. At basic or foundation classes special attention is paid to learning alignment principles so students can progress safely to open and intermediate classes. Foundation classes also teach a need-to-know for all yogis — how to modify poses to fit individual needs.


Basic or Beginner-Friendly classes:

• Vinyasa Foundations

• AcroYoga Flow 1/2



Still not sure where to start? Let us help you pick the right class for you! Contact us at info@omfactory.yoga